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We Value The Function Of The Horse As One Of Our Priorities

Our trainer, Carl Sudbrink, is able to give our customers the benefit of over 25 years of professional experience with horses. Because we have cattle, we use horses on a daily basis giving each horse the opportunity to work with cattle, pasture riding and different terrain. From this perspective, we value the function of the horse as one of our priorities. 

 Our training program
is individualized for each horse, depending on their needs and level of prior training. When a new horse is introduced to our facility, the trainer needs to know what the owner of the horse is looking for? In an article entitled "Ranch Maintains Western Ways" written by Kay Kruse-Stanton she describes the process Carl uses to train horses.  “He first analyzes the horse’s attitude from the ground through free lunging. He then introduces the saddle and bridle and gives the horse a chance to become accustomed to the equipment. When the horse is comfortable with saddle and bridle, Mr. Sudbrink rides one of the ranch’s older, well-trained horses and asks the horse in training to follow. “That way they get used to seeing and hearing me up above them,” he said. “The horse has a ‘friend’ to tell them it’s OK if a squirrel runs past. It’s OK to walk through water.” At some point, when he feels the horse in training is ready, he may just move from one saddle to another and give the newcomer a test ride. In other cases, he works first from the ground, putting a little weight in the stirrup to determine how the horse will react before he gets on. Each horse is different, Mr. Sudbrink said. He’ll adjust the training to accommodate the horse. One thing is common to all training jobs, however: He doesn’t hurry the horse.” (Stanton). At the end of a day, we want to end each training session on a positive note. 
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Recreational trail riding is another activity offered by the Swingin S Ranch. We offer a place to bring your horse or horses to ride on privately owned wooded and cleared land. This activity can be curtailed for either an individual or small group with a choice of either guided or unguided  trailriding. We DO NOT RENT HORSES to the public, this is a BYOH (bring your own horse) activity.

Because we are a working cattle ranch, and not an equestrian center, we maintain a practical perspective on horses. In our opinion, the practical perspective of today’s horse is becoming lost with more trainers emphasizing, “form before function;” whereas, we have found “function before form” to be the more complimentary approach when working with horses. This philosophy follows full circle throughout our whole ranching operation and has resulted in over 500 trained horses and a clientele base of 95% repeat and referral business.

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