Swingin S Ranch


Welcome to the Swingin “S” Ranch, a third generation farm owned and managed by Carl and Lori Sudbrink. The Swingin “S” Ranch is situated in West Central Wisconsin within the quiet surroundings of rural living that were introduced to us in our youth.  A real working cattle ranch, our customers have the benefit of over 25 years of professional experience with horses and cattle and knowing how to raise, breed and handle them.

The horses and cattle of our farm are considered an integral part of our ranching operation and are used on a daily basis to give our customers a complete ranching experience.  Our goal is to make wise use of the land in order to enable us to provide quality goods and services to our customers while allowing each facet of our ranch to expand and compliment the other. Building upon this goal enables us to provide our customers with pasture-grazed beef; hunters with acres of land to hunt on; and today’s horse person with horse training and trail rides. 

For whatever reason you choose our working ranch for your destination, we invite you to come visit and rekindle memories from your youth; work with your horse; hunt for whitetail deer; or select quality Beefmaster cattle for purchase.  Our philosophy is one of a non-traditional approach to agriculture bordering on agritourism. We consider ourselves stewards of this land and the animals that reside here. We invite you to visit our ranch and leave a legacy for your future generations. 
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